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The TINKERS play pure acoustic

The times they are a-changing

Thus, once a week it

The TINKERS play pure acoustic music, mainly from folk sources of Ireland, Scotland, and Northumberland. The band has been founded in 1970. Our long- and probably ever-lasting interest in this music arose during our numerous visits to Ireland in those days - hitch-hiking, of course, which is quite advantageous compared to driving with your own car: you can have a pint whenever you like - without the need to think about your driving license. No wonder that we used to choose a "natural" meeting point: the pub closest to the church. We never failed. Well, once in a while, somebody was a day late, but this is not a real problem when waiting inside a pub, isn't it?The times they are a-changing - and so is our repertoire. Irish musicin particular is a kind of living organism - many new ideas comeand go. Some enhance the substance and the vitality of the music, others are rather technical improvements. And although we alsomade our way through musical experimentation - as individual "detours" via jazz, rock, pop and even dance music - we always found our way back into our basic musical universe. Thus, once a week it is time for our private Tionól - and the special opportunity to enjoy our selfmade precious jewel: the TINKERS sound..